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Privacy Promise

We take privacy very seriously and we've taken many steps to help safeguard your online information.

We promise you that:

  • We will safeguard, according to strict standards of security, any information you share with us.
  • We will not share information you provide us without your permission.
  • You can unsubscribe from our service at any time.
EnCirca is a licensee of the BBBOnline Privacy and Dispute Resolution Program. Because we want to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy, we have agreed to disclose our information practices and have our privacy practices reviewed for compliance by BBBOnline.

BBBOnline is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, BBBOnLine's mission is to promote trust and confidence on the Internet through the BBBOnLine Reliability and BBBOnLine Privacy programs.

Please continue reading our Privacy Policy below for more information.


EnCirca offers domain name registration and e-mail services that helps people establish permanent digital addresses and help stay in touch with their family, friends, business contacts, web sites and e-mail subscriptions. We know that you're concerned with privacy on the Internet, and we've taken many steps to help safeguard your online information and protect your privacy.

EnCirca is committed to protecting your privacy and to ensuring that you are in control of the information that we maintain about you. The EnCirca privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") explains what we will and will not do with your personal information. For purposes of this Privacy Policy, "personal information" means individually identifiable information about a user collected online, including a user's first and last name, home or other physical address, e-mail address or telephone number.

EnCirca's policies and procedures are based on the eight internationally recognized privacy principles issued in 1980 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in its Guidelines for Fair Information Practices. The principles pertaining to fair information practices in use at EnCirca are as follows:

  • Use Limitation
  • Individual Participation
  • Security Safeguards
  • Openness
  • Collection Limitation
  • Purpose Specification
  • Data Quality
  • Accountability
Use Limitation

EnCirca treats your personal information as confidential and does not disclose it or use it except as permitted by you, as described in this privacy policy, or as required by law, subpoena, court order, legal process or a warrant.

If we are served with a civil subpoena seeking personal information about a EnCirca user, we will use reasonable efforts to notify the specified user of the request prior to disclosure of such personal information, so as to allow the user the opportunity to oppose the subpoena.

EnCirca will not provide your e-mail address, name, or other personal identifiers to merchants or marketers without your specific prior permission. EnCirca will follow the instructions you indicate through the EnCirca software interface.

EnCirca may engage third parties to perform analysis or data processing of our databases that involves access to your personal information, in order to better provide you with the services for which you joined. If EnCirca does so, it will ensure that such parties are contractually required to keep the information confidential and not to use it in any way other than as is necessary to perform their work for EnCirca.

Individual Participation

As a EnCirca member, you have access to, and appropriate control over, the data that EnCirca maintains about you.

EnCirca gives you easy access to the information maintained about you in the EnCirca database in a format that is easy to understand. Our current policy is to collect your old and new e- mail address from you when you register your e-mail address change at the EnCirca web site or at a EnCirca network partner web site. EnCirca limits user access to verification of your old and new e-mail addresses, and settings for handling E-mail Change of Address notifications to personal and commercial contacts. Should this access policy change, EnCirca will post the changed policy on this web site.

To revise or edit your personally identifiable information, simply use your new e-mail address as your log-in ID. EnCirca, upon recognizing your valid Log-in ID will send an e-mail to your new e- mail address, containing the link for access to your account. However, a request to revise or edit your personally identifiable information may not be accommodated if it would result in incorrect information. Requests for deletion of certain key information, such as e-mail address, may require closing the account.

Most requests for access to personal data are processed within seconds of being made through the EnCirca software Web interface. Some requests may take up to a few days to process, and the results may be delivered by e-mail.

Any other questions should be addressed to support(at)

Information about a member may be withheld or exempted from deletion if this is required by law or is part of a fraud investigation.

Unsubscribe Procedures

All users may at any time opt-out of our marketing by clicking on the opt-out link we include in every email we send. If you decide that you do not wish to participate in our service you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link provided in the update request e-mail messages EnCirca sends you and following the directions provided. Additionally, you can remove your account information directly from the EnCirca web site by logging in, and clicking the link marked "Delete old e-mail addresses".

Security Safeguards

We ensure information quality by employing advanced technology to protect our users' data. We also have well-defined employee and network partner practices that protect the integrity of and access to our users' information.

At EnCirca we employ security techniques and well-defined employee practices to ensure that data is protected from unauthorized access and use. We hold our employees and network partners accountable for maintaining the privacy and integrity of our users'information. EnCirca provides ongoing training programs that are designed to keep our employees and network partners informed of our Privacy Policies.

EnCirca may engage employees, contractors, and other companies to perform work that involves access to personal information. If EnCirca does so, it will ensure that such parties are contractually required to keep the information confidential and not to use it in any way other than as is necessary to perform their work for EnCirca.

EnCirca works to reduce the likelihood of accidental disclosures and unintended access and modification of account information, but it is impossible to eliminate this possibility completely.

To access the information EnCirca holds about you, use your new e-mail address as your log-in ID. EnCirca, upon recognizing your valid Log-in ID will send an e-mail to your new e- mail address, containing the link for access to your account. If you allow others to have access to your new e-mail address box, that is--allow them to access and read your e-mail--they may be able to gain access to your EnCirca account. To maintain the highest level of security for your EnCirca account, you should not provide others with access to your e-mail address box.

We conduct internal and external audits to determine the effectiveness of our compliance with our Privacy Policy. Our EnCirca-approved network partners are contractually and legally obligated to follow agreed-upon privacy practices. If a EnCirca user feels that they have experienced a violation of these privacy policies, they should contact us at:

Attention: Privacy
400 W. Cummings Park
Suite 1725-307
Woburn, MA 01801

Fax: 781-823-8911
E-mail: encirca(at)


EnCirca has a general policy of openness about developments, practices and policies with respect to personal data. EnCirca states in detail what personal data it collects and why it collects it.

EnCirca's Web server may log key information about any visitor to the EnCirca website (both users and non-users), including the following elements:

  • The URL of the page requested;
  • The time and date of the request;
  • The make and version of the web browser being used,
  • The version and type of your operating system);
  • The "Referrer" (the URL where you clicked on a link to get to EnCirca's site);
  • The IP address where a copy of the page you requested is to be sent for display by your browser.
EnCirca "anonymizes" its server logs periodically. EnCirca summarizes each element it tracks, such as browser make and Referrer, the number of visits from higher-level domains, and so on. The individual records are destroyed, thus cutting the link between a particular IP address and the other server elements listed above. Although an IP address does not usually identify the visitor personally, it does suggest an individual association in some cases, which is one reason why we "anonymize" the logs.

We use this information in aggregate to get a better picture of where our visitors come from and how to plan for our future needs.

The web server logs may be used in the course of a fraud investigation.

The browser make and version also is used during your visit to indicate to you whether EnCirca's software will run on your computer's configuration. The URL may contain tracking codes used only for the purpose of auditing advertising.

Our Use of Cookies

At the present time, EnCirca will be using cookies to manage the session between your browser and our web site. Cookies will also be used to allow you to have a unique ID for access to our services. We will not collect any personally identifiable information via the use of cookies. Any information we collect using cookies will be used only for the purposes of web site administration and will not be shared with anyone. Should our policy change regarding the use of cookies, EnCirca will post those changes to our privacy policy.

A "cookie" is a small piece of information sent by a web server to store on a web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. This is useful for having the browser remember some specific information. An example is when a browser stores your passwords and user IDs. They are also used to store preferences of start pages. Both Microsoft and Netscape use cookies to create personal start pages.

Cookies are used to make informed guesses about you. They can be used to access information about your web activities including things like sites you've visited, passwords and purchases you've made. Companies can only make guesses about who you are because cookies do not necessarily contain personal information about you. Cookies alone are not invasive of your privacy and actually provide benefits to you. Much of what you find on the web today is free because advertising, similar to television and radio, supports it. Advertising, in part, is driven by the information contained in cookies. Cookies provide an effective way for the web sites you visit to personalize your experience when you visit them. In fact, many sites actually require that a cookie be "dropped" on your computer in order for these sites to recognize you and work properly when you visit them.

Our Use of Clear GIF's

EnCirca sometimes uses a common technology called a clear gif or action tags. A clear gif (graphic interface format) is a small graphic image that is a 1x1 pixel placed on our web site, in banner ads, and/or in e-mail communications. A clear gif provides us with important information about how members use our web site and respond to our e-mail communications, such as whether someone is using an e-mail reader that understands HTML e-mail messages. This information helps us understand the effectiveness of our web-based communications and improve it's effectiveness. For security purposes, it may also collect your IP address to be used only if fraud is associated with any activity using this IP address

Collection Limitation

EnCirca collects personal data about you only in ways that are fair and lawful. EnCirca collects only the personal data it has said it collects, and only in the ways it has said it collects it.

Purpose Specification

EnCirca always specifies the purposes for which it uses personal data, before collecting it. EnCirca will not use it for other purposes without first obtaining the member's consent.

Who Collects Your Information

EnCirca collects e-mail address change information at our web sites,,, and at network partner web sites with a pop-up window hosted by EnCirca. Network partners are typically resellers or affiliates for EnCirca services and may collect the information described in the next section and pass it to us so we can fulfill the services you have ordered.

Information We Collect

When you register your e-mail address change at a EnCirca web site or at a EnCirca network partner web site, we ask you to provide your new and old e-mail addresses. When you press "submit," EnCirca also records the time and date, as well as other administrative information that helps EnCirca prevent people from misusing our system.

After you submit your e-mail address change, EnCirca sends out a confirmation e-mail to your new e-mail addresses. In order for your e-mail address change to be registered in our system, you must click on a link inside the e-mail message sent to your new address. We also send an e-mail to your old e-mail address to help preventpeople from misusing our service.

In order to protect your online information and prevent misuse of our system, EnCirca regularly records the time and date you opened the confirmation e-mail messages, what links you clicked, as well as other information that may help people you choose to receive your new e-mail address send messages to you in a format that you can receive.

If you choose to send a greeting card to notify your friends, family and business contacts of your e-mail address change, EnCirca will collect the e-mail addresses of the recipients. EnCirca will also collect the first names and last names of the recipients of the greeting card, as well as a brief, personal message if you choose to include such information in the greeting card. EnCirca will not use the recipients' names or e-mail addresses other than to deliver a greeting card (although the recipients may be presented with an opportunity to register for EnCirca's free e-mail change of address service).

If you are using our service to look for one of our users, we may ask you for your first and last name. We may your first and last name to identify you to the individual whose e-mail address you are asking us to locate for you. When you press "submit," EnCirca also records the time and date, as well as other administrative information that helps EnCirca prevent people from misusing our system.

EnCirca, when appropriate, sends strictly administrative e-mails regarding material changes in our privacy policy or relating to the EnCirca service.

You are responsible for maintaining control of the e-mail address, as personal information may be sent to it.

When you purchase a service, such as a domain name, we ask you to specify a "ship-to" and "bill-to" contact. These contacts include, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Fax Number (optional), Company (optional), Address, City, State, Other State/Province (optional), Zip Code, Country. In addition,for credit card purchases, we require, credit card type, credit card number, and credit card expiration date.

This information is collected to allow us to use multiple means of contacting you and to help prevent fraud. Under no circumstances will we use this information for anything else not described in the privacy notice. Users can have access to review their information at any time my logging into their account. You can correct factual errors in your personally identifiable information by logging into your account and making the correction yourself. To protect your privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections.

EnCirca makes other uses of summary information obtained by combining data from many individuals (never fewer than 25, and typically thousands or more), where the name and other identifiers have been removed.

Any personal information collected during the course of customer service (your home phone number, for example) will only be used for the purpose of customer service. This information will not be linked to your account, nor will it be shared with anyone else.

In the future, EnCirca may ask for additional information that will help us understand your use of e-mail, your interests and/or preferences, so that we may continue to enhance our services to best serve you. This information will not be shared with any third parties without your explicit permission, and the provision of this information is completely at your option.

If you become a EnCirca user, you give us permission to use the information we have told you we use here, for the purposes stated here, according to the options you indicate via the EnCirca software and website.

Information We Share

Once your e-mail address change has been registered, you decide who has access to your updated e-mail address. Individual visitors may come to our web sites,,, or a EnCirca network partner's web site, to request your updated e-mail address.

If you choose to send a greeting card to notify others of your e- mail change of address, EnCirca will share your e-mail address with the recipients of the greeting card. EnCirca will also share your first name and/or last name with the recipients of the greeting card. EnCirca will not use the recipients' names or e- mail addresses other than to deliver a greeting card (although the recipients may be presented with an opportunity to register for EnCirca's free e-mail change of address service).

EnCirca shares additional technical information (for instance: whether the e-mail program you use can receive html e-mail) collected during the e-mail address change registration process with our network partners, in order for our partners to send you e-mail messages in a format (for instance: html or text) that you can receive. EnCirca also shares aggregate information (for instance information gathered from log files like IP address, referring urls, and browser type) for research and development efforts. However this information does not contain, nor is it tied, to personally identifiable information.

Whois Data: EnCirca creates Whois contact information based on your personally identifiable information. EnCirca may be required to share your personally identifiable information with a domain name Registry that requests it, or, in the case of a bulk whois license agreement, with a third party who has licensed our whois data, unless you have specifically opted out. It is reasonable to expect that these third parties may have different privacy policies. You may opt-out at any time by logging into your account and indicating any and all domain names that should be opted out for access by third parties.

Data Quality

EnCirca does not collect personal data from you that is not relevant to the purposes stated in its Privacy Policy. EnCirca strives to keep all personal information accurate,complete, and up-to-date.

As described in our Terms and Conditions, EnCirca may terminate your account for various reasons, such as if you ask us to or if you stop using it for a long time.

After a reasonable period of time (consistent with business requirements such as accounting), the personal information associated with terminated accounts will be destroyed or removed. From time to time, EnCirca reduces the amount of data associated with active members by converting older data into summary statistics or destroying it.


EnCirca always has a person designated as its privacy ombudsman, who is accountable for ensuring that EnCirca protects its members' privacy. Questions, concerns, issues or complaints may be sent to privacy(at)

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at:

Attention: Privacy
400 W. Cummings Park
Suite 1725-307
Woburn, MA 01801>BR>

Fax: 781-823-8911
E-mail: encirca(at)

Policy Regarding Children's Use of Our Site

EnCirca complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. EnCirca does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13. EnCirca requires users of this site to be at least 13 years of age.

Business Transfers or Bankruptcy

As we continue to develop our business, we might sell or buy companies or assets. In such transactions, customer information generally is one of the transferred business assets. Also, in the unlikely event that EnCirca or substantially all of its assets are acquired, customer information will of course be one of the transferred assets. EnCirca users will be notified of such business transfer or bankruptcy and be given the opportunity to opt-out of any such transfer.

Notification of Changes

The foregoing policy is effective as of March 21, 2003. EnCirca reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of EnCirca's services following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes. In the event that EnCirca intends to change this policy, EnCirca will post a message on the home page of its Web Site that states that the Privacy Policy has been changed, and will provide a link to the Privacy Policy. These postings will occur on's Web Site for at least 30 days prior to any material change.

If we are going to use your personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time of collection we will notify you via e-mail. You will have a choice as to whether or not we use your information in this different manner.


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